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Enterprise Profile

Enterprise Profile

    CA Cultural Technology Group (HK.1566) is one of the few international animation cultural technology enterprises in the PRC possessing international cutting-edge technology. It is integrated with the world’s quality animation IP resources, indoor parks and VR multimedia technologies. “Takes CA Culture Global and Gathers Brands Worldwide” is the mission of the Group, through the dual engine “indoor park + VR technology”, the Group collaborates with top partners in the PRC and overseas to explore more opportunities and create unique synergies effect of “cultural + technology + pan-entertainment”.
The Group owns Asia’s largest R&D team for big amusement park leaded by SEGA Japan. The Group’s park brand CA SEGA JOYPOLIS (華夏世嘉都市樂園) has a proven track record of more than 23 years, and its park are located in Japan, as well as Shanghai, Qingdao and various major cities in the PRC. The Group is recognized by China Information Industry Trade Association, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to become the exclusive organizer and host of VR eSports Tournament in World Conference on VR Industry. The Group also links up leading animation or VR game resources from Germany, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. The Group HAS self-owned IPs such as China’s Top 10 Cartoon Character – “Hanbagui”, and “Violet”, the first virtual idol in China; its owned VR game “Huang Yangjie Battle (黃洋界保衛戰)” also got awards by China Information Industry Trade Association, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

On Oct 9, 2019, the board of directors proposed to change the company name from “China Animation Characters Company Limited” to “CA Cultural Technology Group Limited”, so to better reflect the current business status and development strategy with a more appropriate corporate image and identity which will benefit the Company’s business development and is in the best interests of the Company and Shareholders as a whole. The above proposal has been approved in full at the extraordinary general meeting on 21 November 2019 with effect from 20 January 2020.

About our logo
1.Illustrates CA Culture

The red colour of CA Cultural Technology Group LOGO symbolizes the traditional spirit of Chinese nation. The first two letters “C” and “A” of the Group appear on the upper and lower part of the wavy texture like a globe containing rich Chinese culture
2.Contains the mystery of Tai Chi(太极)

Tai Chi is an important concept in History of Chinese thought. The streamlined texture across the middle of the Group’s LOGO creates bipolar hexagrams which contains the mystery of Tai Chi with a metaphor of “Takes CA Culture Global and Gathers Brands Worldwide
3.Welcomes Sunrise (Emerging) Industry

The company name displayed under the LOGO is like a vast land that nourishes the ecology of Vientiane. The enthusiastic and energetic CA Sun rises and renews the Vientiane, just like the sunrising businesses that CA Cultural Group welcomes.