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The Second China Animation (1566.HK) 5G+VR National eSports Tournament Attracts More than One Million Visits Online and Offline

Column:Company News Time:2019-07-22
Sets up VR eSports Development Fund of No Less than HK$100 Million to Explore Huge Business Opportunities of eSports Industry



The Second China Animation (1566.HK) 5G+VR National eSports Tournament Attracts More than One Million Visits Online and Offline

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Sets up VR eSports Development Fund of No Less than HK$100 Million to Explore Huge Business Opportunities of eSports Industry


Collaborates with China Aoyuan (3883.HK) and Shenzhen Media Group to Reaches Higher Point in the Cultural and Creative Field


(22 July 2019, Shenzhen) – China Animation Characters Company Limited (“China Animation” or “the Group”; stock code: 1566), a leading multimedia animation enterprise in the PRC is pleased to announce that, the “5G+VR eSportsChina Animation Exhibition” hosted by the Group 18-22 July (Thu-Mon) during Shenzhen Cartoon and Animation Festival, has attracted more than 300,000 visits. “the Second China Animation Cup – 5G+VR National Electronic Sports Tournament” which was jointly organized by the Group and Shenzhen Media Group (“SZMG”) supported by 5G technology equipped with high resolution, high speed and almost no time delay. The live streaming channels in QQ Live Streaming and Yi Shenzhen has recorded more than 100,000 average daily visitors during the tournament and achieved online and offline interaction among 1 million visitors.


“5G+VR eSports·China Animation Exhibition” is jointly hosted by the Group and SZMG, covering world-class VR games, VR eSports competitions + 5G live streaming, Huawei Cloud, China Unicom 5G, Cartoon and Animation Festival Stage Events, red VR eSports Experience Zone, CA SEGA JOYPOLIS’s large digital amusement facility “Dragon Dance” owned by China Animation, with different quality domestic and international animation products. The Group has invited Shenzhen government officials, Culture Radio and Television Sports Bureau Shenzhen, Ministry of Commerce of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Media Group, Juming Group and famous analysts and investors from Hong Kong to the exhibition.


Sets up VR eSports Tournament Development Fund to Explore Huge Business Opportunities of eSports Industry

The Group has entered into agreement with Shenzhen Oriental Century Asset Management Company Limited to jointly set up “VR eSports Tournament Development Fund” of no less than HK$100 million, aiming to co-organize “China Animation cup – VR eSports Tournament” and relevant activities and play a key leadership role in eSports industry development to explore huge business opportunities including income from event tickets, derived products, sponsorship and advertisement, eSports club and membership and live streaming platforms.




Collaborates with Shenzhen Media Group and China Aoyuan to Establish National Cultural and Creative Base

Besides, the Group and China Aoyuan (3883.HK) have entered into strategic cooperation to collaborate with Shenzhen Media Group to develop “the Eight Major Projects” in the Shenzhen Yijing National Cartoon and Animation Industry Base, including introducing the cutting-edge industry leaders and a complete industry chain, VR eSports Interactive Experience Center, International Animation Museum, Global Animation Experience Center, World-class Children Amusement Park, Teens Activity Center, Public Technology Service Platform as well as incubators for the companies in the cultural and creative industry.


Achieves 5G+VR O2O Dual Track Strategy

Being the first multimedia animation enterprise in China to list on the Main Board in Hong Kong, the Group demonstrated the soft power of China Animation in the Cartoon and Animation Festival and enhanced the cooperation with the strategic partners. The Group will continue to develop the new industry as the first mover to upgrade the Group’s VR eSports game. The Group will adopt 5G technology in its dual online and offline strategy and implement its IP into VR eSports to leverage the investment values of the IP characters and game attractiveness, and generate synergies with the animation-derived product business.